Water is the Stuff Of Life!Edit


We drink water in some form or other every day. Be it from the tap in your home, from bottles bought in a shop, filtered through a jug or distillation system or simply by eating vegetables cooked in water.

The water companies have been failing in their duty to provide us with clean water that is at least not toxic to our health (even if they say it is fit for consumption) so how can we be sure that what we drink is really safe and non-toxic to us?

Much is said about the quality of water that is delivered to our home taps (faucets) and some basic testing can reveal results that could shock you into never wanting to drink that water ever again. Some testing has revealed that water from a kitchen tap contained fecal matter in parts per million quantities well above that which is safe for people to consume.

What is in your WaterEdit

- Hexafluorosilicic acid

So what is the solution?Edit

As a basis for knowing what needs to be done, you should test the water coming out of the tap where you might be drinking regularly from. Knowing how bad the water is will be the start of your journey to healthier water consumption and to potentially holding your water company to account for their careless attitude to your health.

Spring WaterEdit

The best thing you can do when you encounter a word, is to find it's definition. The Definition of spring water is:

  1. Water from a spring.
  2. Underground water that is held in the soil and in pervious rocks.

A spring is a natural exit point at which groundwater emerges out of the aquifer and flows onto the top of the Earth to become surface water.

Spring water is one of the purist waters in this realm. Spring water has the benefit of being naturally grounded to the world, thus being energized, living water. More information on this topic on these sites below:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IU6nMkzwTRY This is a video where; Spencer, explains grounding and living water.

https://www.findaspring.org This is a website where you can find these Spring's.


Filtration OptionsEdit

Reverse OsmosisEdit

The most effective filtration system is called "Reverse Osmosis" or RO as it's known. RO strips the water of all contaminants. The unfortunate thing with this is that it also removes all of the essential minerals that make simple H2O good for you. Without these minerals water is of little benefit.

Distillation SystemsEdit

Jug FiltersEdit

Home Made FiltersEdit