Below are notice paragraphs that you can pick and choose for your own notice, depending on your situation. Feel free to add to it.

Notice Paragraphs

Placing someone on notice:

You are hereby put on notice of my standing and the lawful facts. If you fail to respond to the aforementioned notices in substance or within the reasonable time frame provided herein, without first legally rebutting the points of law claimed herein or within previous notices served, it shall be taken to mean by all interested parties that all claims and assertions stated by me herein/therein are true and indisputable lawful facts and, that you agree to them entirely and without exception.

Requesting written response:

Please be advised that I have taken the time and courtesy to write to you in person, and I would respectfully request that you, in all good conscience, return the courtesy and respond in writing.

I require a response by letter only, as emails, phone calls and texts, will not be accepted.

Notice cannot be overruled:

This notice cannot and will not be overruled, superseded or overturned by anyone as no authority has been given to do so. Any attempt to undermine or interfere with this notice shall be considered a criminal act by all those who do so.

Not a complaint:

This is not a complaint, query, request for a statement, agreement, or any acceptance of a contract. If you decide otherwise, then by doing so you will agree to pay the sum of £5,000 in damages.

Received document illegible:

The enclosed documents and materials were inadvertently received and opened by mistake.

These enclosed documents which appear to be [input brief description] are not understandable, acknowledgeable or recognizable under the penalty of false personation and/or false post location, and must be returned.

Returning documents:

The enclosed herein contains the aforementioned and misdirected documents, as there is not enough knowledge or information disclosed to form a responsive answer, said documents and materials are being returned forthwith.

Fee Schedule:

A fee of response is £350 which will become payable if contacted again.

Do not share my data:

Any and all data and information pertaining to me are strictly confidential at the highest level, and shall in no way be shared, discussed, copied, transferred or duplicated in any manner including verbally, photographed, photocopied or duplicated by any and all mediums including digitally.

Quoting their reference number:

Making reference to your [penalty charge notice number] is not to be taken as acceptance of any contract.

Any attempt to do so shall result in a £5,000 compensation claim for damages.


The drafting and subsequent posting of this notice has been recorded.

Decline the use of legal titles:

Do not refer to I/us as Mr, Mrs or Miss or any title which refers to a legal fiction and not me. If you decide otherwise then by doing so you will agree to pay the sum of £5,000 in damages.

Acknowledgement required:

I require written and signed correspondence by the person named within this notice stating that it has been acknowledged.

Time limit:

I hereby give you 30 days notice to respond. If I receive no reply within those 30 days given it shall hereby be taken as your assent and agreement.

i. The matter is finalised, and

ii. It is acknowledged that you agree to all the conditions within this notice.

Postcode use:

The use of a postcode is not to be taken as acceptance or obligation of contract and is only to be used in connection with geographic location, and not corporate association.


  1. As of the date on this notice, and within the time limit given, you still have the opportunity to submit your remedy to cure and resolve this matter amicably, before it is escalated to the jurisdiction of the courts.
  2. I hereby give you 14 days notice to respond. Remedy to cure is required in 14 days from receipt of this notice, if the remedy to cure is not offered within this time frame, then after 7 days I reserve my right to ascertain what the remedy should be in due course.

Requiring proof from a public servant:

Before we can proceed with this matter, as director and beneficiary of my legal person/corporation you have 21 days to respond in writing, and provide proof of claim with evidence, that you have legal and lawful authority as my public servant, to inconvenience me at all.

Sign off:

Thank you for your time and assistance in this matter. Signed with respect and honour, and without malice, vexation, argument or merriment.

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