DUNS The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS or D U N S, is a proprietary system developed and managed by Dun & Bradstreet that assigns a unique numeric identifier, referred to as a "DUNS number" to a single business entity. It was introduced in 1963 to support D&B's credit reporting practice.

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US National and Federal Departments

US National and Federal Departments DUNS Number
Bureau of Customs & Border Protection (CBP) 796730922
Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms & Tobacco (BAFT) 132282310
Federal Bureau of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) 130221646
Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) 926038407
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) 878865674
Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) 926038563
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 20309969
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 37751583
Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Fed) 1959410
National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) 3259074
National Institutes of Health (NIH) 61232000
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 79933920
National Security Agency (NSA) 617395215
US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) 927645465
US Department of Defense (DOD) 30421397
US Department of Education 944419592
US Department of Energy 932010320
US Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) - Office of the Secretary 112463521
US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) 932394187
US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) - Office of the Secretary 30945779
US Department of Justice (DOJ) 11669674
US Department of Labor 29536183
US Department of State 26276622
US Department of the Interior 20949010
US Department of the Treasury 26661067
US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) 931691211
US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) 167247027
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 57944910
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 56622429
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) 138182175
US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 40539587
US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 364281923
US Public Health Service (USPHS) 39294216
US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) 3475175
US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 50297655

US Corporate State and Its Largest City

US Corporate State DUNS Nr. and Its Largest City DUNS Nr.
City of Washington 73010550
State of Alabama 4027553 City of Birmingham 74239450
State of Alaska 78198983 City of Fairbanks 79261830
State of Arizona 68300170 City of Phoenix 30002236
State of Arkansas 619312569 City of Little Rock 65303794
State of California 71549000 City of Los Angeles 159166271
State of Colorado 76438621 City of Denver 66985480
State of Connecticut 16167285 City of Bridgeport 156280596
State of Delaware 37802962 City of Wilmington 67393900
State of Florida 4078374 City of Miami 965299576
State of Georgia 69230183 City of Atlanta 65372500
State of Hawaii 77676997 City of Honolulu 828979612
State of Idaho 71875734 City of Boise 70017017
State of Illinois 65232498 City of Chicago 556057206
State of Indiana 71789435 City of Indianapolis 964647155
State of Iowa 828089701 City of Davenport 963855494
State of Kansas 827975009 City of Wichita 69862755
State of Kentucky 828008883 City of Louisville 943445093
State of Louisiana 612389911 City of New Orleans 33692404
State of Maine 61207536 City of Portland
State of Maryland 847612442 City of Baltimore 52340973
State of Massachusetts 138090548 City of Boston 7277284
State of Michigan 54698428 City of Detroit 21733631
State of Minnesota 50375465 City of Minneapolis 9901959
State of Mississippi 8210692 City of Jackson 20864955
State of Missouri 616963596 City of Kansas (City) 832496868
State of Montana 945782027 City of Billings 68925759
State of Nebraska 41472307 City of Omaha 926604690
State of Nevada 123259447 City of Las Vegas 19342317
State of New Hampshire 66760232 City of Manchester 45009073
State of New Jersey 67373258 City of Newark 19092531
State of New Mexico 7111818 City of Albuquerque 129962346
State of New York 41002973 City of New York 21741036
State of North Carolina 830979667 City of Charlotte 809275006
State of North Dakota 98564300 City of Bismarck 80245640
State of Ohio 34309166 City of Columbus 10611869
State of Oklahoma 50411726 City of Oklahoma (City) 73131542
State of Oregon 932534998 City of Portland (Oregon) 54971197
State of Pennsylvania 933882784 City of Philadelphia 929068737
State of Rhode Island 8421763 City of Providence 69853752
State of South Carolina 67006072 City of Columbia 878281562
State of Tennessee 4143882 City of Memphis 51386258
State of Texas 2537595 City of Houston 967421590
State of Utah 9094301 City of Salt Lake 17096780
State of Vermont 66760240 City of Burlington 37442977
State of Virginia 47850373 City of Virginia Beach 74736299
State of Washington 79248936 City of Seattle 9483561
State of West Virginia 828092515 City of Charleston (West 197931681
State of Wisconsin 1778349 City of Milwaukee 4779133
State of Wyoming 832826015 City of Cheyenne 21917273

Various UN Corporations

Various UN Corporations DUNS Number
United Nations (UN) 824777304
UN Development Program (UNDP) 793511262
UN Educational, Scientific, & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 53317819
UN International Children's Education Fund (UNICEF) 17698452
UN World Food Program (UNWFP) 54023952
UN World Health Organization (WHO) 618736326