Council Tax Remedy

The following documents, which have been provided for you, detail the criminal fraud of council tax.

Title: Council Employee Crimes

This document gives an overview of many acts and statutes being violated on a daily basis, and covers the fraud relating to the council tax.

Title: Council Employee Crimes in Detail

If you require further evidence of each infraction then this document goes into greater detail.

Title: Current List of Acts Violated by the Employees of the Council

As this is an ongoing investigation into these crimes, conducted by the people, for the people, new violations of acts and statutes are being discovered as this investigation progresses. This document lists those acts discovered to date.

Title: Links to Acts

A link has been provided that will take you directly to each Act as listed on the government’s own website.

Title: Acts

Each Act has been downloaded and placed within this folder for your convenience.

Title: Notice Template

A notice template has been written for you and is completely copyright free and is free to use. Everything written in red should be replaced with your own details.

Title: Flyer Templates

To help you gain awareness in your local area to this fraud, a few flyer templates have been created for you. Feel free to edit these templates to your requirements. It can be used on social media and printed for door-to-door posting.

All of the above mentioned documents have been put into one zip file you can download lower down on this page. Please ignore the warning note about malicious code. It is there all the time, but you should be only worried if you are downloading something from an unknown source.


File:Council Tax

Another template after you received a debt collection letter for not paying Council Tax. File:Notice to enforcement agency.docx

DUNS number

If you wish to look up the DUNS number for the council you are dealing with, a database has been created for you.

Link: DUNS numbers