Dear Fraternity Member,

Due to popular requests with countless e-mails and messages, we have finally put together an on-line course, lasting 22 weeks, for those of you who are unable to attend a local workshop.

There are many other groups offering useful information, in the way of on-line seminars and presentations for a fee, which ranges from £20 to £250 per each individual on-line session.

With this in mind, we have decided that a donation of £3.50 per 2 hour Zoom session, which is around the cost of a cup of coffee, is more than fair.

As more people learn about the proposed cashless society, and realise the escalating costs of digital transaction charges, it is evident that the full donation made by the patron does not reach the provider of the service.

This is the case with the Sovereign Project, as a substantial transaction cost has to be paid on each small donation individually, over 22 weeks.

However, if we combined the 22 individual donations into 1, we can reduce the transaction costs, and pass this saving on to you.

Therefore, instead of 22 individual donations totaling £77, a one off donation of £68 for the entire 22 week course is offered. Essentially. you get 22 weeks for the price of 20, or 2 for free.

Course details

The course covers the information which is already free to download from our website and will tackle a different topic each week.

Each session was delivered live every Monday evening from June the 5th 2023. As we are now finished you can watch the recordings in your own time by visiting -

Please make sure you are signed in.

Please make sure the e-mail address you use to sign up for the on-line course is the same as the one you use to log into the Sovereign Project website.

Sign up for the course -